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Coerver® Method

The Coerver® Method has been acclaimed to be the World’s finest soccer skills teaching method. It is a complete soccer education program which bases its methodology on the “PYRAMID OF PLAYER DEVELOPMENT.” The foundation of that pyramid is “Ball Mastery.” For without ball mastery, one cannot play an effective game of soccer. Imagine, not being able to control the ball when delivered to your feet or not being able to deliver the ball to your teammate’s feet.

No other soccer teaching method has been recommended and endorsed by such an array of National soccer federations, Professional clubs and so many of the World’s greatest players.

Coerver® Coaching is a complete soccer education program. Our camps and programs are designed to concentrate on individual skills. We group the players first by age, then by ability. We try to make each player feel comfortable with his/her surroundings. We have found that if a camper is comfortable, then he/she is better willing and able to deal with the camp material.

What sets the Coerver® Method apart from all other programs is that our Method uses “match related” drills to develop “quick feet” and a “soft first touch” as the foundation of our “moves” to beat an opponent or to create time and space. These skills appear simple, but each skill requires a high degree of “Ball Mastery.” Our intent is to challenge every player to improve their skills to the extent of their own ability.

Pyramid of Player Development

Coerver Louisiana is not a soccer club. Instead, it is a year-round technical training program based on the Coerver® Pyramid of Player Development that is the perfect supplement to any player's club training. This is true for players in recreational programs who lack access to high-tempo technical programming led by professional coaches just as much as it is for competitive club players seeking to take their game to the next level. By offering its technical programming year-round, Coerver Louisiana is able to truly dedicate to your player's technical development in a way that once-a-year soccer camps cannot.  

Despite its importance, sustained and systematic skills training is not often found in youth sports, soccer included.

Many coaches – including those who may themselves have strong skills – have not learned to teach the technical fundamentals of the game effectively. For example,  U.S. Soccer has recently revised the state level programs for licensing coaches (the “F”, “E” and “D” courses) after discovering that candidates for the National Coaching License could not adequately teach skills. The foundations of the Coerver® Pyramid of Player Development are Ball Mastery and Receiving and Passing. It's challenging for team coaches, however, to maintain the patience and perseverance that such foundational skills training requires. This is because of the increasing pressures on team coaches to win more and more at earlier and earlier ages. This easily leads to the trap of “winning today (at the sacrifice of tomorrow).” The focus on winning usually results in the opportunities for development being provided only to a couple of kids on each team. The Coerver® Pyramid of Player Development allows each participant to focus on his or her individual development by offering challenging 1v1 and small sided game scenarios for them to apply the foundational skills that they will work to master each week. Over time, this has led to consistent individual play, strong technical skills, composure, vision, creativeness and confidence in Coerver® Kids around the globe.


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