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Coerver Louisiana's Mission

Coerver Louisiana seeks to raise the technical quality of Louisiana soccer players through its year-round administration of Coerver Coaching programming in the state, which will provide the technical foundation for the development of skilled, confident, and creative players and teammates.

The dearth of Louisiana boys and girls playing soccer at the highest levels of collegiate and professional soccer is directly linked to lack of technical training available to young players in the state - even at the state's best soccer clubs. Recently, the Louisiana Soccer Association (LSA) voiced its concern that youth soccer training in Louisiana has suffered from a lack of proficiency in technical training even at the highest levels of state soccer. This lack of quality detracts from the tactical development that state programs seek to instill at the older age groups. Coerver Louisiana echoes the LSA's concern, and agrees that skills training focusing on technical proficiency at the youth level, rather than winning at all costs, is the only way to develop well-rounded players.

A barrier to developing that proficiency, however, is the increasing pressure from parents and teams to win more and more at earlier and earlier ages. This easily leads to the trap of winning today - at the sacrifice of tomorrow. In this environment, the focus on the scoreboard often stifles opportunities for young players to take a chance at boldness and creativity. Because Coerver Louisiana is not a soccer club, it is the perfect environment for young players to not only develop their ball mastery but also challenge themselves by taking risks without fear of losing the game.  Moreover, by offering its technical training program year-round, it is the perfect supplement to any player's club training. This is true for players in recreational programs who lack access to high-tempo technical programming led by professional coaches just as much as it is for competitive club players seeking to take their game to the next level. By offering its technical programming year-round, Coerver Louisiana's is able to truly dedicate to your player's technical development in a way that once-a-year soccer camps cannot.


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